Create Your Dream Roller Skates

Looking to create your dream pair of park roller skates? With MyBonts, it’s easy, fun, and very addictive. And if you’re like me, trying to narrow down your final roller skate design will become difficult.

Suede or Vegan

At Bont, the roller skate boot designed for park skating is called the Parkstar. There are eight stock colors in suede and one stock color vegan suede. But if you’re looking to customize the color or heel height, then you need to use the MyBonts semi-custom option in suede or vegan. Now you can let your imagination run wild by checking the boxes to color customize the different sections of the roller skate boot.

Two Different Color Boots

Currently, the MyBonts webpage does not support a left and right boot, but if you want to have two dfferent color boots, the process is simple.

  1. Design your first boot color

  2. Head to your cart

  3. Copy the text of your final design

  4. Empty your cart and go back to the product page

  5. Design your second boot color

  6. Head to your cart

  7. Paste in your first boot color text in the comments section. Remember to note which foot the design is for

  8. Head to checkout and pay. Easy!


Roller skate boots are not like your average shoe. For maximum control, your boots need to fit like a second skin. That’s why Bont boot sizing is NOT the same as your US shoe size or other skate brand sizing. Bont also has two different size charts so depending on which boot model you are after, you will need to choose the correct chart.

Heel Height

One great feature of the MyBonts Parkstar, is that you have the option to choose your heel height of your boot. While the Parkstar might not look like it, it does have an in-built heel of 23mm (which standard in the stock boots). However, Bont allows us to choose the option for 13mm or 6mm at no extra cost. If you want a flat boot choose 6mm.

A heeled boot is usually used for artistic and figure roller skating. It shifts your body weight into the ball of your foot, which equally divides the pressure. It also all provides better balance as you canstand upright without having to bend your knees.

A flat boot is used for roller derby and speed skating as the power transmission is better

and you are more stable. However, your weight is more in your heels so to stay balanced you will need to keep your knees bent (eg derby stance).

If you are a beginner, using a heeled boot is easier as you are less likely to fall backwards.

Customize Your Straps

Bont is known for having straps on their roller skates boots. And with MyBonts you can customize the straps for an extra $10. The default is to have the Bont logo but if you want to go a little fancy why not getyour nickname, roller derby name, a motto, or a goal embroidered on them. Maximum is 8 characters per strap.

The Package

Once you have designed your dream roller skates, you have the option to add on and make it into a package with a plate, wheels and bearings.

Currently, MyBonts semi-custom orders are taking 10-12 weeks to manufacture and arrive on your doorstep. But once they ship from the factory you will be send an email with tracking information. If you have any questions about your order you can email


Shorty (Christine Murray) started roller skating in 2009 when she joined the Canberra Roller Derby League. Over her 10-year roller derby career, she skated for Team Australia, Team Korea, and Gotham Roller Derby. After retiring and moving to South Korea, Shorty expanded her roller skating passion to park skating and continued teaching via her YouTube Channel, Shorty’s Skate Series, to give back to the community. Connect with her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel for skate park tips and tutorials! 

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