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Roller Skate Wheels 101: Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Choice

Discover the thrill of roller skating with the perfect wheels! Whether you’re into rhythm, shuffle, jam, roller derby, park, outdoor or speed skating, your performance is greatly influenced by the type of wheels you choose. This guide will help you understand the key aspects of roller skate wheels, enhancing your ride. And for a diverse selection of top-quality wheels, be sure to visit Bont Skates.

The Significance of Wheel Size in Roller Skating

Optimizing Performance with the Right Wheel Size

The dimensions of your wheels, specifically their height and width, are critical for your skating experience. While the internal opening for the bearing remains consistent across wheels, the external size varies and is measured in millimeters (mm). Larger wheels are typically associated with easier speed maintenance, whereas smaller wheels offer better maneuverability for intricate movements. It’s wise to consult with skaters who share your style to find the optimal wheel size for your needs.

Wheel Hardness: A Critical Factor

Understanding Grip Levels for Different Skating Styles

The hardness of the wheel, indicated by an ‘A’ number (like 93A), is crucial in determining the wheel’s grip. Harder wheels, such as those rated 103A, have less grip, ideal for glide-intensive dance skating. Conversely, softer wheels around 78A are better suited for outdoor skating, offering enhanced shock absorption for a smoother ride over rough terrains.

The Impact of Hubs on Roller Skates

Nylon vs. Aluminum: What’s Best for You?

The material of the wheel hub, typically either nylon or aluminum, influences the overall feel of your skate. Nylon hubs are lighter, making them a popular choice. Aluminum hubs, however, offer more rigidity, ideal for heavier skaters or those seeking durable, long-lasting wheels. A blend of nylon with an alloy insert provides a balance between durability and weight. When installing bearings in aluminum hubs, ensure they are perfectly aligned to avoid damaging the hub. We recommend using a bearing press like this one.

Choosing the Ideal Wheels for Different Surfaces

Perfecting Your Ride on Varied Terrains

The surface you skate on dictates the type of wheels you should use:

    • Soft Wheels (78A-84A): Ideal for outdoor terrains like sidewalks and rough pavements, providing better grip and comfort.
    • Medium Wheels (85A-91A): A versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor skating.
    • Hard Wheels (92A-100A): Best for smooth indoor surfaces, allowing for higher speeds and minimal grip.

Importance of Wheel Size

Finding the Balance Between Speed and Control

Your choice of wheel size affects agility and velocity:

    • Smaller Wheels (57mm-62mm): Excellent for agility-focused skating such as derby, allowing quick turns.
    • Larger Wheels (63mm-70mm): Suitable for skaters aiming for high speeds over longer distances, especially in outdoor settings.

The Role of Wheel Profile

Shape and Its Effects on Skating

The wheel profile influences how it interacts with the surface:

    • Narrow Profile: Ideal for quick maneuvers, suitable for sports like roller derby.
    • Wide Profile: Offers increased stability and grip, perfect for outdoor skating.

Tailoring Wheels to Your Skating Style

Customizing for Optimal Performance
    • Artistic Skating: Medium to hard wheels with a narrower profile are preferred.
    • Roller Derby: A balance of grip and slide is achieved with medium-hard, narrow-profile wheels.
    • Speed Skating: Hard, wide-profile wheels are ideal for achieving top speeds.
    • Recreational Skating: Medium wheels with a wider profile suit both indoor and outdoor skating.

Pro Insights for Choosing the Right Wheels

    1. Analogous to Car Tires: Consider the trade-off between wheel size and hardness for optimal performance.
    2. Surface Suitability: Choose wheels based on the skating surface to prevent wear and enhance grip.
    3. Combining Wheel Hardness: Mixing wheel hardness can cater to specific skating preferences.
    4. Interchangeable Wheels: Switch between indoor and outdoor wheels easily, without needing separate skates.

Selecting the right roller skate wheels is crucial for an enjoyable and effective skating experience. By understanding factors such as hardness, size, profile, and your personal skating style, you can make an informed decision. Visit Bont Skates for a wide selection of quality wheels that cater to all your skating needs.


Embark on your roller skating journey with the right equipment. Glide smoothly and confidently with the perfect wheels beneath your feet!

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