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Skate into the Future: Bont Pro Bearings Unveiled

Revolutionizing Roller Skating with Bont Pro

Renowned for their exceptional roller skating products, Bont has yet again set a new benchmark with the introduction of the Bont Pro Skate Bearings. Tailored specifically for roller and park skaters, these bearings are more than just an upgrade; they represent a complete transformation in skating dynamics.

Moving Beyond ABEC: Bont's Innovative Approach

Recognizing the limitations of the ABEC rating system, Bont has chosen a path that aligns more closely with the evolving demands of today’s roller skaters. Shifting to a performance-centric model, Bont emphasizes real-world functionality and thorough testing by seasoned skaters, leaving the ABEC system behind.

The Essence of Bont Pro Racing Bearings

At the heart of Bont’s cutting-edge technology lies the Bont Pro Racing Bearing. These bearings are a product of meticulous design and extensive testing by top-tier skaters, ensuring unmatched efficiency and dependability.

Distinctive Features of Bont Pro
    1. Dual Shield Protection: Designed for the rigors of park skating, each bearing incorporates a rubber and a nylon shield, providing robust protection against debris and ensuring lasting performance.

    2. User-Friendly Maintenance: Thanks to the removable shields, upkeep of the Bont Pro Bearings is a hassle-free process, allowing more time for skating and less for maintenance.

    3. Superior German Racing Oil: Each bearing is infused with high-grade German racing oil, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent skating experience.

    4. 7-Ball Precision Design: The unique configuration of seven balls in each bearing minimizes friction, enhances speed, and prolongs the bearing’s lifespan, perfect for the demands of park skating.

Upgrade Your Skating Journey

Bont Pro Racing Bearings are ideal for roller skaters and park enthusiasts seeking to elevate their performance. Feel the difference in every turn and jump, and push the limits of your skating skills.

Join the Ranks of Skating Elites

With millions of bearings in the skating world, Bont has established itself as a leader in quality skating gear. Opting for Bont Pro Racing Bearings means joining a community dedicated to excellence in skating.

Ensuring Continuous Peak Performance

Maintain the superiority of your Bont Pro Racing Bearings with Bont’s specialized bearing oil and cleaner. Regular maintenance is key to sustaining their high performance and longevity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: 608 8mm
  • Dimensions: 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, 7mm width
  • Protection: Dual Shield (1-Z shield)
  • Cage: TN9-plastic
  • Ball Count: 7 high-grade steel balls
  • Package: Set of 16 bearings

Embrace the next level of park skating with Bont Pro Racing Bearings – a symbol of Bont’s dedication to innovation and the skating community. Skate into a new era with Bont!

BONT PRO bearing
BONT PRO roller Skate Bearings

Built for Champions, Tested by Professionals: The Bont Pro Racing Bearing has been put through its paces by some of the world’s finest professional speed skaters, roller derby athletes, and park skaters. Their feedback and expertise have helped us create a bearing that delivers unmatched performance, speed, and durability.

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