Explore the World of Skating with Bont’s BIPOC Skate Package Giveaway

Welcome to the Bont Skates Family!

Are you ready to lace up your skates and join the vibrant roller skating community? Bont Skates is here with a fantastic opportunity! Introducing the Bont BIPOC Starter Skate Package Program. This initiative is all about bringing more diversity into the realms of roller skating, roller derby, and park skating. Let’s get rolling and find out more!

The Essence of the Program

Each month, Bont Skates steps up to make roller skating more inclusive. They’re generously giving away a complete roller skate set to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals. This is a step towards making sure everyone has a chance to enjoy and thrive in the skating community.

What's in the Package?

Get ready to be wowed by the selection! You can choose from a variety of chic roller skates:



And that’s not all! You also get to select your size in vital protective gear such as wrist guardselbow pads, and knee pads.

How Do You Enter?

It’s super simple to enter. This opportunity is exclusively for BIPOC individuals. Your single entry is valid for the whole program. Right now, the program is open only to participants within the USA.

Selection of Winners

Winners are chosen through a random number generator each month. For example, April’s winner will be announced at the beginning of May. Keep an eye on your email and social media for these exciting announcements.

Important Information

  • Bont Skates prioritizes your privacy and safety. Avoid fake accounts and don’t share personal financial information.
  • The legitimacy of all entries is assured by Bont Skates.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred.
  • This promotion is independent of any social media channels.

Privacy Matters

Concerned about your data? Check out Bont Skates’ privacy policy right here.

Ready to Join?

Eager to get started? Just click here to apply. If you have questions, shoot an email to shorty@bont.com.

Stay Safe Online!

Only interact with Bont’s official accounts: @BontRollerSkates on Facebook, and @bont_rollerskates and @bont_parkstars on Instagram. Contact us if you’re uncertain about any communication.

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