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Why Bont Park Roller Skates are Perfect for Park Skating

If you’re eager to jump into the thrilling world of park skating, look no further than Bont Park Roller Skates. These skates are your ultimate companions for this exciting journey. Tailored with unique features designed specifically for park skating, these skates will have you cruising and grinding like a pro in no time. In this article, we’ll delve into the exceptional qualities of Bont’s park roller skates and provide essential tips to help you excel at park skating.

Why Opt for Bont Park Roller Skates?

Bont Park Roller Skates are anything but ordinary. They’re meticulously crafted to handle the demands of park skating, offering an unparalleled experience. Here’s what sets them apart:

  1. Durability and Support – Bont Park Skates boast robust construction and reinforced materials, ready to withstand the rigors of park skating. The fiberglass base makes them impressively lightweight, while the 23mm in-built heel enhances power transfer more effectively than skates with taller heels. With exceptional ankle support, you’ll feel confident navigating ramps and executing tricks.

  2. Precision Fit – Ensuring a proper fit is pivotal for optimal performance. Bont Skates deliver a precise fit that minimizes discomfort and slipping, giving you greater control over your movements. The boot can be heat-molded in under 10 minutes, allowing you to achieve a personalized fit when needed. This means you can concentrate on refining your skills without concerns about your skates.

  3. High-Quality Wheels and Bearings – Bont offers wheels tailored specifically for park skating. Opt for the Flow Park 89a if you’re a beginner or select the Flow Street 99a or Full Flight 101a for more speed. The latter two are better suited for advanced skaters due to their hardness. All wheels incorporate unique edge designs, enabling smooth sliding and grinding while minimizing wheel bite. Paired with Bont’s top-notch bearings, they guarantee a smooth ride.

  4. Seamless Slide Blocks – For enthusiasts of stalling and sliding, consider adding slide blocks to your Bont package. These blocks bridge the gap between your wheels, facilitating effortless stalls and slides on coping, ledges, and rails. They also safeguard your plate, extending your skate’s lifespan as you conquer the skatepark.

  5. Enhanced Grind Trucks – To elevate your skate park tricks, think about adding grind trucks to your Bont package. Installing them is a breeze, with no modifications required for your Bont plate. These trucks enable you to start grinding on coping, ledges, and rails with the prowess of a pro.

Tips and Techniques for Park Skating Mastery

Now that you have your Bont Park Roller Skates at the ready, let’s delve into some invaluable tips to help you master park skating:

  1. Begin with the Basics – Start with the essentials – practice skating, halting, and making turns. Familiarize yourself with your skates before delving into more advanced maneuvers.

  2. Cultivate Confidence – Believe in yourself and take gradual steps. Confidence is pivotal in park skating, so remind yourself that progress is a result of consistent practice.

  3. Learn from Seasoned Skaters – Observe skilled skaters at the park. Analyze their approach to ramps, trick execution, and balance maintenance. You can glean valuable insights by observing their techniques. Explore Shorty’s Skate Series for park skating tutorials suitable for all skill levels.

  4. Hone Your Balance – Balance is the cornerstone of park skating. Practice maintaining balance on one foot and work on enhancing your stability. This will prepare you for more intricate tricks.

  5. Fall Safely with Practice – Falling is a natural part of learning, but mastering safe falling techniques can prevent injuries. Familiarize yourself with falling forward or backward and always don protective gear. Explore Bont’s selection of protective gear here.

  6. Commence with Smaller Ramps – Embark on your journey by tackling smaller ramps before gradually progressing to larger ones. This step-by-step advancement will boost your confidence and refine your skills.

  7. Mastering the Art of Tricks – As your comfort level increases, experiment with tricks such as stalls, slides, grinds, and rotations. Remember, practice is the key to perfection.

  8. Maintain Persistence – Park skating may present challenges, but perseverance is key. Keep practicing, remain persistent, and take pride in every step forward.

Ready to Conquer the Skatepark?


Armed with Bont Park Roller Skates and these invaluable tips, you’re well-equipped to become a sensation in park skating. Embrace the excitement, conquer the obstacles, and let your passion for skating shine. So, gear up, head to the skatepark, and embark on your thrilling journey!


For the ultimate park skating experience, explore Bont’s diverse collection of Park Roller Skates.


Enjoy your skating adventures!

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