Revolutionize Your Park Skating Experience with Full Flight 101A Wheels

Attention, park skaters! Get ready to experience a revolution in roller skating with Full Flight 101A Park Roller Skate Wheels, brought to you by Bont. These wheels are a game-changer in the realm of roller skating, especially designed for those who love to park skate or aggressive street skate.

Why Full Flight is Your Ultimate Choice

At, we understand the need for wheels that can keep up with your passion. The Full Flight Park Roller Skate Wheels are crafted in the USA, boasting a hard 101A durometer for that extra speed and resilience you crave in park skating. They are the hardest, most durable wheels in our collection, ensuring your skating is fast, smooth, and uninterrupted.

Innovative Design for Peak Performance

These wheels are not just about speed; they are about precision and style. Their special edge design and ideal 53×32 mm size provide the perfect balance for technical skating and tricks. The unique round profile enhances your control and minimizes wheel bite, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

Style Meets Performance

Stand out in the park with the Full Flight’s limited edition Australian Cockatoo graphics. These wheels are part of our exclusive craft range, offering a blend of top-notch performance and unique style.

Benefits of Full Flight Wheels

Choosing Full Flight means you’re opting for:

  • Enhanced Control: Designed for anti-stick slides and grinds without losing grip.
  • Agility and Speed: Lightweight design for quicker, sharper movements.
  • Durability: Resistant to wear and tear, perfect for regular park skating.

Who Should Ride Full Flight?

If you’re a serious park skater, these wheels are tailored for you. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to push their limits in park, bowl, or aggressive street skating.

Get Yours Today

Ready to take your park skating to the next level? Visit and order your set of Full Flight 101A Park Roller Skate Wheels. Don’t miss out on this limited edition set that promises to elevate your skating experience.

bont full flight 101a park roller skate wheels
Bont Full Flight 101A Park Roller Skate Wheels

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