Black Friday Deals Bont Roller Skates 2023

Roll into Savings: Black Friday with Bont Skates

Hey roller skating enthusiasts! Black Friday is almost here, and Bont Skates has some exciting news for you. We’re all set to offer the best deals on roller skating gear and accessories. Ready to glide into savings? Let’s roll!

Roller Skating Deals Await You!

From trendy roller skates to roller derby favorites, we’ve got everything your roller-skating heart desires. Need to jazz up your gear? Check out our collection of roller skate wheels, custom boots, bearings, protective gear, and so much more. And hey, before the rush, make sure to bookmark your must-haves!

Get Ahead with Early Bird Access

Heads up! Our Black Friday sale starts on 21st November 2023 and goes on until Cyber Monday, 27th November 2023. Want to shop before the crowd? Simply sign up for our newsletter and bag early VIP access. If you’re already in the club, just update your preferences and sign up for our exclusive SMS deals. Easy-peasy!

Why Bont's Black Friday Sale is Your Roller Skating Destination

Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly finds or thinking of a roller skate upgrade, we’ve got something special for everyone. And did you catch a glimpse of our new Glow LED roller skate wheels and snazzy skate laces? They’re turning heads!

Black Friday's Origins

A fun fact for you! Black Friday started back in the 1980s in the U.S., marking the onset of the festive shopping season. Retailers would shift from the “red” to the “black”, indicating their move from losses to profits.

Save Big with Bont's Roller Skating Deals

Here at Bont, we get how exhilarating snagging a great deal feels. Black Friday is our moment to give back to our skating community. From beginner roller skates to advanced custom gear, expect slashed prices and big savings!

Why Shop Bont this Black Friday?

    1. Mega Savings: Pocket-friendly deals across our entire roller skate collection.
    2. Hassle-Free Shopping: Skip the crowd. Enjoy shopping at your pace, from wherever you are.
    3. Choices Galore: Whether you’re a woman, man, or shopping for kiddos, we’ve got you sorted.

Your Black Friday Roller Skating Hub

For the best Black Friday deals of 2023, Bont is the place to be. Explore our vast selection, benefit from our handpicked suggestions, and cherish the year’s most substantial savings. Remember, Bont Skates combines top-notch quality with affordability.


Join us this Black Friday and let’s make it a skate-tastic November! 🛼💖

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