Roll with the Flow! with Bont Flow Skate Park Wheels

The Bont Flow Roller Skate Wheel series is designed for park skating and aggressive street skating.


Since retiring from roller derby and moving to South Korea, I have swapped my Hybrid Carbon boots and Royal Assassin wheels to the Parkstars package and Flow wheels. As one of the testers, I know Bont went through many prototypes and formulas to develop the best roller skate park wheel on the market. Bont has a long history of producing high-quality roller skate wheels for inline speed skating and roller derby, so they applied their knowledge to create a park skating wheel.

Size and Wheel Edge

The Flow wheel dimension is 58mm high x 32mm wide, which is ideal for technical tricks and agility. You will also have a lower center of gravity, making you more stable. However, using smaller wheels also means you will roll slower than a larger wheel, which is why some skaters prefer harder wheels. 


What I LOVE about these wheels is the rounded edge. Special attention was paid to the wheel edge design to minimize wheel bite on coping, rails, and ledges. They are perfect for sliding and grinding. 


Here are some short clips of the Bont Flow wheels in action!

Wheel Hardness

The Bont Flow wheel is available in two hardnesses and caters to all types of park skating. If I’m looking for more speed and less friction for better slides, then the 99a Park Flow roller skate wheel is my goto wheel. The higher the durometer or hardness rating, the harder the wheel. Hard wheels are great for skating large ramps and vert as you can maintain high speed with less effort. 


The Street Flow roller skate wheel is softer at 89a durometer and allows for a smooth ride and fantastic grip. I love these wheels for aggressive street skating, DIY spots, bumpy surfaces, as well as slick bowls, and skate ramps. If I’m jumping or landing from large heights, eg. stairs or launch ramps, then using a softer wheel helps cushion hard landings. 


Note: The Street Flow is not an outdoor road wheel. You can use it to skate on the road, but it is not as smooth as skating with a soft 78a – 85a outdoor wheel.

What the skaters say...
The Street Flow wheels are your best friends for skating on different floors, I use them for sketchy parks, slippery wood ramps or street. The Park Flow wheels are perfect for me on a beautiful concrete park where you can go so fast! With these 2 setups, I can go anywhere.
The Street Flow wheels are perfect for my style of park skating. Doing a lot of jumping tricks, the softer duro makes my landings much smoother and less jarring impact.

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