Top 10 Skate Park Skills for First Time Roller Skaters

If you are new to park skating or looking to head to the skate park for the first time, here are my top 10 skate park skills that I find most helpful.


If you’re not quite at this stage, then check out my previous tutorial, Top 5 Flat Ground Skills to Know for New Park Roller Skaters.


The 10 roller skating skills I go over are

  1. Correct stance
  2. Falling
  3. Using your toe stops
  4. Rolling in forwards
  5. Rolling in backwards (fakie)
  6. Rolling up and down a bank or incline
  7. Pumping up and down a bank or incline
  8. Stepping 180 on a bank or incline
  9. Stepping on and off a box
  10. Jumping on and off a box

Shorty (Christine Murray) started roller skating in 2009 when she joined the Canberra Roller Derby League. Over her 10-year roller derby career, she skated for Team Australia, Team Korea, and Gotham Roller Derby. After retiring and moving to South Korea, Shorty expanded her roller skating passion to park skating and continued teaching via her YouTube Channel, Shorty’s Skate Series, to give back to the community. Connect with her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel for skate park tips and tutorials! 

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