bont roller skates grind truck

Introducing Bont’s Roller Skate Grind Trucks: Unleash Your Full Potential!

The moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting has arrived! Bont proudly presents their latest innovation, the Bont Roller Skate Grind Trucks. After an entire year of intensive design and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to see this game-changing product.


Bont has always pushed the boundaries of roller skate technology, and their cutting-edge Grind Trucks are no exception. Designed specifically for skaters seeking the ultimate grind experience, they will revolutionize your approach to grinds.

bont roller skate grind truck

One of the key highlights of Bont’s Grind Trucks is their unmatched stability and agility. These trucks strike the perfect balance, providing stability for grinds while enabling quick and agile movements on your roller skates. You’ll be in complete control as you effortlessly execute precise maneuvers.


Bont understands there is a common issue of wheel clipping during slides. Bont has tackled this problem head-on by minimizing wheel interference with the 2.3″ width of the grind trucks. This innovation ensures smoother slides on your slude blocks without worrying about your wheels getting caught. But also delivers a seamless and uninterrupted grind experience.


Convenience matters, which is why Bont Grind Trucks are designed for easy installation. Effortlessly set them up on your roller skates and be ready to hit the grind in no time. Bont believes your time should be spent enjoying the sport you love, not struggling with complex setups.

Bont’s Grind Trucks fit the Bont Tracer and Prodigy plate, as well as other roller skates with a 20-degree kingpin. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to enhance your grind game, these trucks are a perfect fit for a wide range of skaters.


For those using a slide block with a thick bar like the Bont Block, we recommend using a shorter 10mm barrel cushion. And to make things even better, we include a complimentary set of 10mm cushions with every purchase of Bont’s Grind Trucks. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to optimize your skating experience.


When it comes to roller skate grind trucks, Bont’s offering stands out as the best choice. With their 2.3″ grinding surface, the perfect balance between stability and agility, minimized wheel clipping, easy installation, and compatibility with various roller skates, these trucks are a must-have for any serious skater.


Upgrade your roller skates today with Bont’s Grind Trucks and experience the ultimate grind performance. Take your skills to the next level and enjoy a smoother, more controlled grind every time. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities on your roller skates. Unleash your full potential with Bont’s Roller Skate Grind Trucks!

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