bont slide block

Smooth Sliding with Bont Blocks – New Product Release

Ever since the launch of the Parkstar skate package, numerous skaters have reached out to Bont seeking recommendations for slide blocks. In response, Bont took it upon themselves to develop their own slide block specifically tailored to fit the Tracer or Prodigy plate. With numerous well-known brands and do-it-yourself (DIY) options available in the market, creating a distinct and inventive product posed a significant challenge.


However, fear not, as Shorty is here to provide a detailed explanation of the innovative design behind Bont’s slide block, which currently reigns supreme as the best option available in the market today!

BONT Roller Skate Slide Blocks

Bont prides itself in pushing the limits in design and innovation and expanding our product range to meet the needs of the growing skating community. We are excited to announce the release of Bont Blocks – a slide block designed for the Bont Tracer/ Prodigy plate.

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