Skate Park Etiquette

No matter where you live, the skate park is home to skateboarders, aggressive inline skaters, BMXers, and roller skaters. To ensure it’s a safe and enjoyable place for all, here are some tips on etiquette and manners to keep in mind at the skate park.

SAY HI! Taking the time to greet people at the skate park can go a long way.

CHECK THE RULES. Every skate park has its own rules. It is good practice to check them before you skate.

WARM UP IS KEY. Warming up helps reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.

WEAR PROPER PROTECTION. Check your skates and safety gear. Wear the amount of protective gear that is right for you.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Before dropping in or doing other tricks, make sure to check no one else is using or about to skate into the area. A skater may be doing a line that starts from the other end of the park, so scan the whole area. Some skaters will raise their hand or shout “dropping in” to communicate they want to drop in.

MUTUAL RESPECT. Every sport is di!erent, so knowing how they move will help minimize any accidents. If you happen to get in someone’s way, remember to apologize. If someone is nice to you, give thanks. Also, if you cannot land a trick right away, do not take your anger out on anyone or anything.

ASK BEFORE FILMING / SHOOTING. If other people may appear in your photos or video, it’s best practice to ask permission first.

RESPECT THE RAMPS. Don’t leave your bags or sit in areas where skaters use the ramps or other street obstacles.

TAKE TURNS. Skate parks can get very crowded. Taking turns ensures everyone will get a go and have fun.

CHECK BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Clean up after yourself and put things back in their place. Check you have all your things.

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